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Dana M. Peck
Kevin "MPECKABLE" Peck 

Managing Partner

A seasoned non profit professional with a keen sense for technology, Dana works closely with clients to help them build their brand. She holds a B.A. International Relations degree from The Johns Hopkins University and two advanced degrees;  a M.S. in Anthropology from SUNY Buffalo and a M.P.H. in Community Health from the Emory University. 

Managing Partner

Kevin “MPECKABLE” Peck, a veteran in the entertainment industry, leads the design team that create images that engage and inspire. Kevin was a superior academic standout earning a B.S. in Marketing with honors from Morgan State University in Baltimore. 

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Taylor Peck
Taylor Peck

Project Manager 

Taylor oversees monthly client requests, assists with creating killer digital strategies and manages team resources. She's a digital marketing pro who likes to think outside the box and loves working with people!

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Kyle Watkins

Cyber Security Specialist

Kyle adds his proficiency in analysis, forensics and reverse engineering to monitor and diagnose malware events and vulnerability issues.

Morgan Peck

Graphic Designer 

Morgan, brings a youthful creative touch to our design team.  A college student, specializing in logo design she also keeps us up to date on the latest social media platforms and strategies. 

DJ Lee

Video Editor

DJ's responsibilities include but are not limited to editing and assembling recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product for clients. The material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects.

Nico Lee


Nico enjoys capturing the special moments. Taking photos and videos specifically for all social media accounts/channels that express our mission and that of our clients.  He assists in the placement and management of content, images, videos among target social media platforms.

Eva Lee

Content Creator

Along with the creative team, Eva researches and produces original copy ideas with the objective of capturing the target audience's attention. 

She assists in the placement and management of content, images, videos among target social media platforms.


Global APP Suite, LLC is a young and dynamic family company specializing in marketing solutions for small businesses. Although based out of Atlanta, GA we also serve clients remotely.  With clients in various industries and locations like Baltimore, MD and Las Vegas, NV.  Global APP Suite provides mobile marketing solutions for small businesses that save time, money and the environment. We offer mobile and website design services in addition to social media management, graphic design and technical writing. Our solutions save businesses in printing costs and efficiency. 


Until now, small businesses believed they could not compete with big businesses in this field.  We have an affordable platform and a team of talented designers to produce creative, life changing apps, websites and social media platforms that grow congregations, businesses and ideas.   Clients include educational institutions, entertainment entities, churches and restaurants, but are not limited to: Afro-American Newspapers, The Carter Center, Wesley International Academy, Dru Hill, Sky Promotions, South Fulton Chamber of Commerce, The Whitehead Institute, Plan It Green, FunkFest, SoulFood Festival, RECESS, Freedom Temple Church, Hope Works Georgia & Wing Heaven.

Our goal is to help small businesses grow through affordable mobile marketing!


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