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Kevin “MPECKABLE” Peck a father, husband, savvy businessman and motivator to all whom he encounters is a self proclaimed “dream merchant”.  Kevin is known as an encourager who vows to push everyone to their purpose.

A native of Baltimore, Kevin was a superior academic standout earning a B.S. in Marketing with honors from Morgan State University in Baltimore. As the driving force behind Dru Hill, arguably the greatest R&B group of the 1990s; Kevin is the ultimate example of a proven veteran manager who prefers to let his accomplishments do all of his talking. 

His motivational positive mindset has made him one of the most respected and successful music moguls in the industry today.  In a remarkable career that spans over two decades, Kevin has made Dru Hill and Sisqo international superstars. Considered by many in entertainment circles as a highly astute businessman with a no nonsense approach to the music industry is the A-1 reputation that has made him one of the most sought after managers in America. 

Kevin transfers his charismatic persona to his personal mission to encourage others in their business ventures, personal quests and in their relationships.  As the founder and host behind the Blog talk program, Song Therapy, Kevin uses song lyrics to therapize his listeners.  As co–founder and host of Couples 4:12 with his wife and good friends, he motivates other couples to embrace and celebrate their unions.  Kevin, a recent published author of The One Hour You, brings his dreams as well as the readers to life in his self-help motivational guide for success.  Theses teachings are transferable into workshops and speaking engagements where he shares his successful strategies to focus on targeted manageable milestones to complete tasks.

Blessed with an array of talents, Kevin is the consummate professional whether in the studio, podium or in the boardroom and refuses to accept anything less than perfection from himself or the clients he represents. 


Proving when it comes to talent and character, Kevin is…MPECKABLE.

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